Why The White Light uses recycled handmade paper.


The White Light contributes to the environment in its unique way. Apart from being known to upcycle different discarded materials and giving them new life, we particularly also use recycled handmade paper for our range of products. Here are the reasons why:

Because one ton of Recycled Handmade Paper saves 3 tons of wood and 100 cubic meters of water. The water and wood saved for one ton of paper converts into:

• 6 trees for life giving oxygen, soil and water • 3 years of cooking fuel for one village family • 25 years’ drinking water for one person • 1 square foot of land for a waste dump site

Aren’t these reasons good enough? If you want to contribute with us, you can buy our products online at http://www.thewhitelight.in.

Our vision is to bring a global shift in conscious buying.

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