The pen is mightier than the sword.

With electronic gadgets accessible at the palm of your hand, you don’t feel the need to use a pen that often as you did a decade ago. Earlier we used to buy pens in bulk to avoid frequent trips to the stationary store. But now, we buy a pen only when needed and it takes probably months before we buy a new one. This often leads to opting for an expensive pen, a designer branded pen probably, which is used more as an accessory in the shirt pocket, or complimenting a designer ba

The Upcycled Wrapping Paper Story continued…

Made with passion to enhance the dignity of life for the downtrodden, giving hope to those with no hope. Being that ray of life through The White Light. #art #Environment #Handmade #create #creativity #gifting #employment #ecofriendly #lifestyle

Humor in life.

View details of the box at  the Love and Sunshine Box #art #Environment #Handmade #creativity #humor #gifting #facebook #paper #celebrate #ecofriendly #GiftBox #Recycled #lifestyle

The love season

As Valentines Day approaches, love seems to be in the air (as if other problems didn’t exist ‘in the air’). We nevertheless took it in our stride and went We filled a box full of love, hand-painted with passion. The box is made from recycled cardboard and is handmade to perfection. Talk about making things with love and increasing handprints rather than carbon foot prints. Love, love, love all the way. Love right back to Mother Earth :). And before we forget, you can buy this

Look what we upcycled. Do you like it?

A new look to the used cold coffee bottles, and a new job for it. We like to re-create and we like to re-design. What most people would throw away, we give it another life (well, we do try). Instead of those empty glass bottles reaching the garbage landfill straight away, once we’re done with our delicious cold coffee, we extend their life further by giving it another job to do. Of course mother Earth’s job reduces just a little bit in the process, which we feel good about. W

World Food Day

It’s World Food Day today in case someone forgot. These are some of the bizarre facts, shown in the images, that most of us are not aware of, or tend to forget amidst our daily mumbo jumbo. But the global truth stares and glares in front of our eyes while we don’t think twice before leaving those last couple of spoons in our plate. Why? Because we over-ate. But, somewhere else on the planet a child dies of hunger, actually every five seconds one child dies of hunger. People m