Upcycled Gift bags. Anyone?

Although the global awareness on environmental issues has increased tremendously, only a minute percentage of people have consciously changed their consumption patterns. Not that they don’t want to, but probably these products don’t add up to their coolness factor or their standards per se. Nevertheless, we just don’t give up. We at The White Light, continue to find solutions to cater to the ‘likes’ of people, with bombastic designs, convince them to make the ultimate switch

True love is all around

View details of the box at The Love Tree. #art #Environment #Handmade #trees #creativity #celebrate #ecofriendly #Recycled #earth

Some Motivation

To begin the year with zest and a strong determination to persevere with earth friendly creativity, that is the goal :). A serious effort to make a huge jump in 2015. With the support of all the environment lovers of course :). Let’s bring it on! 🙂 #bethechange #creativity #earth #motivation