Our Upcycled Pen Stands

What do we do with used toilet paper rolls and all the discarded cloth that we keep collecting? Well, we get creative. We design, innovate and use every bit of material we have, doesn’t matter the combinations. Particularly when the goal is to reduce the waste dumped to the landfills, ideas do emerge. A simple, yet very useful and durable product that we tried and tested and yes, also sold in large quantities are these awesome pen stands, made from discarded fabric and used t

The Upcycled Art Series…

There are numerous artists whose work of art is inspirational and people spend hours in art galleries to analyze and admire their paintings and sculptures. We do the same thing, just that we particularly appreciate artists like Haroshi, from Japan, who create artwork from discarded materials. Haroshi’s passion to upcycle discarded skateboards into intricate work of art emerged from his infatuation for skateboards in his early teens. The work of art speaks for itself, the comp

The Upcycled Wrapping Paper Story continued…

Made with passion to enhance the dignity of life for the downtrodden, giving hope to those with no hope. Being that ray of life through The White Light. #art #Environment #Handmade #create #creativity #gifting #employment #ecofriendly #lifestyle

The Story of our Upcycled Wrapping papers

It’s our endeavor to come up with innovative ways to contribute to the environment and reduce the carbon footprint as much as we possibly can at our level. Not only that, our focus is also on employment generation for the urban poor women. Starting with a small group, we have been able to enhance the livelihood of 6 such women directly, who are the sole bread earners of their families and indirectly many more. Our goal is definitely much larger though, as the saying goes ‘eve

Humor in life.

View details of the box at  the Love and Sunshine Box #art #Environment #Handmade #creativity #humor #gifting #facebook #paper #celebrate #ecofriendly #GiftBox #Recycled #lifestyle

True love is all around

View details of the box at The Love Tree. #art #Environment #Handmade #trees #creativity #celebrate #ecofriendly #Recycled #earth

The Love Series…

Red is after all the color of love and all the other good things :). We like to call it the Love and Sunshine Box! 🙂 #Environment #Handmade #creativity #Valentines #gifting #celebrate #ecofriendly #GiftBox #Recycled

The love season

As Valentines Day approaches, love seems to be in the air (as if other problems didn’t exist ‘in the air’). We nevertheless took it in our stride and went We filled a box full of love, hand-painted with passion. The box is made from recycled cardboard and is handmade to perfection. Talk about making things with love and increasing handprints rather than carbon foot prints. Love, love, love all the way. Love right back to Mother Earth :). And before we forget, you can buy this

Some Motivation

To begin the year with zest and a strong determination to persevere with earth friendly creativity, that is the goal :). A serious effort to make a huge jump in 2015. With the support of all the environment lovers of course :). Let’s bring it on! 🙂 #bethechange #creativity #earth #motivation

Some more of our Eco-friendly gift tags

We love them even more because the paper we used is made from recycling cotton rags, which otherwise would find place only in the garbage pit. These beautiful gift tags are now available on sale, you can buy them by clicking here. Yes, it’s that simple :). #creativity #gifting #Recycled #upcycled

How about personalizing those gifts?

The gifting season continues, be it weddings, engagement ceremonies, birthdays or even house-warming, there is always a reason to celebrate. It’s during one such occasion, when I had to gift a bouquet of flowers to someone and felt the desperate need of a gift tag that would go with my flowers. I didn’t want any of those plastic looking mill made paper tags with a flowery print, but I wanted something more ethnic and being an amateur environmentalist of some sort, definitely

From The White Light Travel Diary

In one of our recent visits to Chennai, we discovered the most fascinating version of upcycled shipping containers. The containers are creatively converted into a control room for traffic cops. Located right on the main road when you travel from the airport to the city, this container will not fail to catch the eye of an environment fanatic. We’ve seen various versions of upcycled shipping containers but to find one in your country and being used by traffic cops is absolutely

Upycling ~ Let the creativity flow

We thought we’ll try out something with discarded egg cartons this time and this is what came of it :). The flowers and the vase entirely made from discarded egg cartons. Something worth trying we feel, better than throwing them in the bin any day! #creativity #upcycled