The Story of our Upcycled Wrapping papers

It’s our endeavor to come up with innovative ways to contribute to the environment and reduce the carbon footprint as much as we possibly can at our level. Not only that, our focus is also on employment generation for the urban poor women. Starting with a small group, we have been able to enhance the livelihood of 6 such women directly, who are the sole bread earners of their families and indirectly many more. Our goal is definitely much larger though, as the saying goes ‘eve

Why The White Light uses recycled handmade paper.

The White Light contributes to the environment in its unique way. Apart from being known to upcycle different discarded materials and giving them new life, we particularly also use recycled handmade paper for our range of products. Here are the reasons why: Because one ton of Recycled Handmade Paper saves 3 tons of wood and 100 cubic meters of water. The water and wood saved for one ton of paper converts into: • 6 trees for life giving oxygen, soil and water • 3 years of coo

Eat, drink and be scary

It’s Halloween! Time to scare and get scared. I’m sure this huge skull made from recycled metal was designed with exactly this intention. Happy Halloween friends! Have the spookyest time of your life 🙂 #arthalloween #Environment #Recycle

Look what we upcycled. Do you like it?

A new look to the used cold coffee bottles, and a new job for it. We like to re-create and we like to re-design. What most people would throw away, we give it another life (well, we do try). Instead of those empty glass bottles reaching the garbage landfill straight away, once we’re done with our delicious cold coffee, we extend their life further by giving it another job to do. Of course mother Earth’s job reduces just a little bit in the process, which we feel good about. W

The Story of our Blue Block Printed envelope

It is very well understood by many what the purpose of recycling materials is. Most of us also try to recycle what we can. But, what we do at The White Light is, also add value to the materials recycled. This beautiful block printed envelope (comes in different colors) is one of the products that we promote to encourage people to ‘buy’ recycled things which are not only eye-catching but will also give competition to the products made from new materials, namely paper made by c